Drew Wicklund Headshot

Andrew Wicklund, Drew most of the time, Andy [only] to family

Never leaves home without pocket-sized sketchbook and black pen

Passionate about traveling, being in the outdoors, and exploring new cultures

Inspired by the ways kids approach something new

Best when I am on the road and not distracted or weighed down by day-to-day tasks

Surprisingly good at math

Really proud of the book that I launched through Kickstarter, "I Drew People Around The World: See Where Sketching Can Take You"

Also proud of the non-profit work that I’ve done with Art with Heart, The Fred Hutch School, and KEXP

Convinced that wisdom comes from the ears, not the mouth

Happiest with with a beer in hand, sketching with the other, and hearing live music in the background

Going to step on all 7 continents, six down ONE to go!